Maty Greenspan: We could see bitcoin rise 250% and more

According to Maty Greenspan, a popular analyst and founder of Quantum Economics, bitcoin’s long-term ascent is just beginning.

We are at the very beginning of a period of mass investor entry into the cryptosphere. This phase of the industry is qualitatively different from the rise and fall phases of 2017 and 2018.

Greenspan expressed his position in a survey prepared for traders. In that report, he pointed to a weekly rise in cryptocurrency of about 29%. However, such a trend does not at all indicate that the market is „overheated“ and a massive collapse awaits us and other Crowd Millionaire.

The analyst wrote:

„If demand continues to rise from current levels and supply is held back, there is a possibility that we will see growth of 250% or more.“

At the same time, Mati Greenspan ruled out a scenario in which BTC would soar to $400,000. The rally will certainly continue, but there are no astronomical numbers to speak of yet, the analyst summarized.

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